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Whether you’re relocating to a new home within town or crossing the country to settle down elsewhere, moves of any distance can be a costly, cutting into both your time and your finances. Cheap Movers Charlotte wants to help relieve the stress and financial burden of your next move. We can connect you with some of the most reasonably-priced moving companies in the city; however, we believe no one should have to resign themselves to the old maxim, “You get what you pay for.” When you find moving companies through us, you’ll be pleased to find licensed and insured relocation specialists ready to help you at affordable rates. To get started, request your free quote now! 

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Welcome to the Queen City

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of Southern charm, but you’re not willing to sacrifice the comforts found in a modern metropolis, Charlotte is bound to be just your speed. While the Queen City continues to be one of the fastest growing cities within the United States, the cost of living here hovers at about 5% below the national average. That means you can live comfortably without having to spend every waking hour at work. Plus, there’s plenty to do around town with that extra spending money. The East End is home to an eclectic selection of small boutiques, junk stores, and antique shops, but it’s also one of the best neighborhoods in the Southeast for gorging yourself on authentic barbecue. Myers Park, located just south of downtown, is an historical neighborhood full of high-end real estate with well-maintained homes built nearly a century ago. If you’re more interested in the arts scene, check out NoDa. This diverse area centered around North Davidson Street is filled with artists, plus plenty of places to enjoy a craft beer with friends or eat your fill. Whatever neighborhood you’re looking to settle in, you can likely reach your destination via the well maintained public bus services.


Charlotte sits less than two hours from the Appalachian Mountains, but you don’t even have to venture outside the city limits to bask in the region’s natural beauty. The prodigious green space in the city extends even into downtown, and that’s not a trend you can expect to change anytime soon. The city council intends for over half of the city to be under tree cover by the year 2050.


While the people of Charlotte may be bursting with southern hospitality, that doesn’t mean you can just expect your new neighbors to pitch in and help with your move. Recruiting friends and families to assist with a relocation is a difficult task and predicting who will show up ready to help on moving day is even harder. You won’t have to do any guessing when you hire a moving company through Cheap Charlotte Movers. Your movers will arrive at your door with the equipment and experience necessary to tackle the task at hand, so you won’t have to worry about being unprepared or undermanned. We offer free estimates, so you can get an accurate quote before you commit to anything. Our price comparison capabilities mean that you can play the field and easily search out the best rates around. You can even customize a package that focuses exclusively on the services you need while stripping out those that you don’t. Whether you need help transporting a few pieces of furniture, a place to store away some beloved heirlooms, or someone to handle your move from start to finish, we can help you find a solution that you’re certain to love.

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Affordably-Priced Charlotte, NC Moving Services

There are countless reasons to move to Charlotte and several strategies for tackling your relocation. You can count on us to help you find the services you’re looking for to knock out your move, including:


Residential Movers

From downtown apartments to sprawling mansions, the Charlotte moving companies are equipped to help you with any type residential move. We understand that your belongings are important to you, so we aim to find you the most reliable movers at the best rates possible.


Local Movers

Even if you’re just relocating across town, it can be hard to find the time to coordinate a move. You won’t have to when you get in touch with one of our affordable moving companies. All you need to do is fill them in on the details, so they can step up to the plate and provide you with the service you deserve.


Long Distance Movers

Moving to Charlotte from out-of-state means finding a moving company that understands the unique challenges that come with a long distance move. All the moving companies you’ll find here are fully licensed and insured for interstate moves. These long-haul carriers charge by the weight of your freight and provide in-home estimates, so you can keep your moving budget in check.


Apartment Movers

If you’re worried about how you’ll get your bed frame down three flights of stairs or how you’ll fit your entertainment center out of your narrow doorway, don’t be. Hire a professional who does this for a living and put aside concerns about sore muscles and scratched wood floors.


Household Movers

A house isn’t properly a home until it’s filled with the things you love, but our movers can turn your empty new residence into a lively reflection of you in practically no time at all. Make use of our free estimates and price comparison to make the process of moving even cheaper and easier.


Furniture Movers

Have you measured the doorways into your new property or taken the dimensions of your apartment landing into consideration? Are you worried about ripping the surface of your couch or figuring out how exactly to reassemble your bookshelves once you get to your new place? The relocation companies at Cheap Movers Charlotte can handle the logistics for you and get all your furniture safely where it belongs.


Piano Movers

Your piano may be lovingly constructed and perfectly tuned, but all it takes is one wrong move to ruin it forever. And given the weight and size of most pianos, it’s hard to determine exactly what the right move is. When you professional Charlotte piano mover to oversee the relocation of your piano or organ, you’re certain to receive results that are in harmony with your needs.


Interstate Movers

Driving a moving truck halfway across the country can be nerve wracking, particularly when you’re not used to the blind spots and awkward steering. Avoid the risk of wrong turns and flat tires with a moving company from our directory. You can spend your time on the cross-country trip soaking up the scenery rather than fretting over your furniture and boxes.


To get free quotes on these and other moving and storage services you might need, give us a call or fill out a quote form today!

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