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Closet Packing Tips from the Top Professional Moving Companies

Although clothes are usually the last things you’d remember to pack when moving, they require the most care out of everything you own. They aren’t necessarily fragile items, but they can become damaged if they aren’t handled the right way. Below, are a few steps we recommend for packing your clothes more efficiently and reducing the risk of damage:

Clear Out Your Closet Space

One of the first steps you should take to pack up your home is to start decluttering. Often enough, we tend to stick clothes in our closets that we no longer wear or need. Now is a great time to trash, donate, or sell these items.

Pack Up Your Essential Clothing Bag

We don’t suggest unpacking all your moving boxes in one day. Instead, it’s wise to have an essential clothing bag that has a few outfits that you can wear throughout the moving process. The last thing you need to be doing is digging through all your boxes to find your favorite set of clothes. However, remember to label the box or bag beforehand properly, so it doesn’t get mixed in with the rest of your stuff.

Take Advantage of Wardrobe Boxes

Recommended by professional movers and packers, wardrobe boxes are a godsend for carefully packing up your clothes. These are tall and convenient clothing moving boxes that allow you to move your clothes straight from hanging in your closet to the integrated hanging rack in the box. Not only will a garment box prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled, but also provide a great deal of protection from dirt and grime from the move.

Suitcases Are a Necessity

For your more expensive clothes, you should carefully fold them into travel bags and suitcases. Luggage is specifically designed to secure and protect garments while they’re moved from one location to another.

Put Clothes in Garbage Bags or Vacuum Bags

For added convenience and ease, take advantage of garbage bags and vacuum bags. With a trash bag, cut a small hole in the bottom that is big enough to fit the hook of your hangers. Then, slide your clothing in through the main opening and pull the hangers through the self-made hole. Tie off the bottom to prevent clothes from sliding out. Vacuum bags are even more efficient because they can hold a lot of clothing and they take up much less space.

Pack Clothes in Drawers

If you already have a dresser full of clothing, there is no need to unpack it. Remove the drawers from your dresser, cover them with plastic wrap, and carefully carry them to your moving truck. This is an especially handy tip if you are moving a short distance.

Utilize Clothing as Padding

Old clothes, socks, soft clothing items, and other durable pieces that can easily be washed can be used as padding. Place these items in gaps in your moving boxes to prevent items from moving around. Use clothes to wrap fragile items or place bulky items like coats and sweaters in the bottom of boxes to provide extra cushioning.

Pack Accessories and Shoes Separately

To make things simpler for you when packing and unpacking, pack your accessories and shoes separately from your clothes. Wrap your dirty shoes in a plastic bag before placing them in a box. Put your heaviest shoes and boots in the bottom of your box. Accessories should be put in smaller boxes or bags, so they do not get lost or damaged.

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