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Just because you’re making a move within the Charlotte city limits doesn’t mean that hiring professionals is an unnecessary extravagance. Sure, you could spend hours or days shuttling loads from one house to the next in your personal vehicle, but why waste the time and energy when you could hire a local moving company at a great price?


At Cheap Movers Charlotte, we bring you affordable rates from local moving services. A local mover is more likely to be invested in the community than a larger national chain. That means that you’ll get the attention of a company that places priority on keeping its neighbors happy. These relocation specialists also possess an intimate understanding of Charlotte’s unique geography, so your move will get completed on time. We’re also exceedingly conscientious in who we partner with. You can rest assured that all the movers you find on our site are licensed, insured, and ready to exceed your expectations.

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Reasons to Hire a Local Moving Company

While you can struggle through a DIY move, hiring a professional moving service greatly reduces the burden and stress of your move. Here are some of the best reasons to consider hiring a moving company:


Seasoned Moving Professionals

When you’re moving, one wrong move can spell disaster. A mishap, like missing a step while carrying something up the stairs or failing to communicate with the person holding the other end of your couch, can cause serious damage to your belongings or even injury to yourself. There’s no need to worry about these risks when you rely on a mover in CharlotteThe movers you’ll find through Cheap Movers Charlotte are seasoned professionals who do this work every day. Even if the worst happens, you’ll know you’re covered. All the movers in our network are fully licensed and insured.


Affordable and Transparent Rates

We understand that moving to a new home or office can be a trying process, but we strive to make professional moving services accessible to anyone regardless of their budget. The Charlotte movers in our network are reasonably priced, with low hourly rates for local moves. We offer free moving estimates, so you won’t have to waste time shopping around. You can find all the information you need on rates and moving costs in one place!


An Extensive Range of Options

There are a lot of logistics involved to pull off a timely and efficient move. Instead of just stuffing your belongings into the back of a truck and going on your way, you can rely on these movers for all the moving services you need – from start to finish. If you prefer someone to pack your things up and make sure they’re set up at your new home how you want, you can arrange for that. You can also use Cheap Movers to find storage, arrange for a specialized business move, or to help any other relocation chores off your to-do list.


Knowledge You Can Depend On

Our local moving companies bring a lot to the table. They have the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to reduce the time you spend moving. Whether your apartment is located up multiple flights of narrow stairs or positioned on a tiny landing, they’ve probably dealt with challengelike those encountered with your move before. They recognize the importance of communication to a well-executed and expedient move. Based on the details of your move, you can count on them to arrive with the right equipment, manpower, and trucks to provide you with the service you deserve in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Local Moving Services in Charlotte, NC

Find all the services you need quickly and easily through Cheap Movers Charlotte:


Household Moves

Moving to a new house or apartment doesn’t have to be a chore. Use Cheap Movers Charlotte to find a local moving company in Charlotte that will step up to the plate and exceed your expectations.


Commercial Moves

Whether you’re an office manager, a retailer, or a restaurateur, a successful move is all about minimizing the downtime, and that’s where Cheap Movers Charlotte comes in. We can find you a moving company in Charlotte that can handle the move, so you can focus on minimizing the disruption to your business.



Sometimes you just don’t have the space to move everything you want to keep into your new house or the time to find a new home for the possessions you’re looking to toss. We can help you find a clean and secure storage facility from a nearby moving company that’s large enough to suit your specific demands.



From player pianos to baby grands, the movers you’ll find here are ready to get your piano to its new home in one piece.



There’s no appliance too large or too heavy for the moving companies on our site. These movers have the equipment and logistical knowledge to transform an appliance moving ordeal into a brisk and painless task. Now, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted holes in your wall or scratches on your hardwoods because of the move.


Pool Tables and Other Bulky Items

Are you trying to transform your new home’s basement into the ultimate leisure room or transport your vintage collection of classic arcade machines to a new site? Heavy and unwieldy items like pool tables can be a real hassle to move, but the movers you’ll find here have the experience and knowledge you need to get the job done.



While many people think of lifting and moving furniture as the primary part of a moving process, packing and unpacking is just as important (and equally time-consuming). Properly labeling can save you hours when you go to unpack, while and stacking and packing boxes the right way can prevent damage or spills along the way. Our moving companies are ready to apply their packing knowledge to your relocation, so you don’t have to go it alone.



There’s no need to worry about going in to work sore and tired on Monday morning after an exhausting weekend of moving. The moving companies at Cheap Movers Charlotte are ready to do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. When you rely on our movers, you’ll be able to just kick back and relax.



We can find you a mover who will handle every step of the furniture moving process. They’ll take preventative measures to protect your furniture and your home. And, they can even oversee disassembly and reassembly for you.


Last Minute/Same Day Moves

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we plan. If you need to move on short notice, our moving partners are ready to accommodate your needs asap! They’ll be there on time and ready to get you settled in at your new home or office as quickly as possible.


For these and other moving services in the Charlotte area, contact Cheap Movers Charlotte today. We’re happy to provide you with free quotes for your upcoming relocation!

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