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How to Clean Out Your Room Before You Start Packing

Moving to a new space is daunting. To avoid all the hassles, you should plan and organize everything ahead of time. Sort out your belongings and purge those items you don’t need anymore. Keep in mind that it’s easier and less expensive if you move less stuff.

Be Orderly

It’s important to have clear goals for cleaning. Create a list of tasks by importance. Finish one chore before proceeding to the next. This will save you a great deal of time.

  • Work through the room in a way that makes sense. It could be from the top to bottom or left to right. 
  • Get durable boxes and bags for putting all items that you will bring to your new room. 
  • Take a break when you feel tired. Working continuously can drain your energy, and the results will not be a hundred percent. 
  • Take out everything from the drawers, dressers, tables, and shelves. See to it that nothing is left inside the cabinets. Place all your clothes as well as small effects on top of the bed. 
  • Sift through the items, so you’ll know those that should be kept, sold, donated, recycled, and thrown away.

Things to Throw Away

Here are some pointers to help you identify items that can be discarded:

  • Clothes that you have outgrown, with stains, or are simply behind the times. 
  • Faded shirts 
  • Wardrobe that you’ll not wear anymore 
  • Old workbooks, test papers, and broken school supplies
  • Expired lotions, creams, and makeup 
  • Books and papers you’ll never read or use again 
  • Shattered binders 
  • Outdated purses and bags 
  • Old DVDs and CDs
  • Perfume samples
  • Threadbare shoes and sandals

The Next Step

Now, start bringing out the trash and paper bags. If you keep these items inside the room for longer, you may change your mind and go through the things all over again. This will be a total waste of time. Besides, you end up storing belongings that you don’t need.

As a courtesy to the next owner or tenant, clean your room, remove nails from the walls and cover the cracks with spackle. Dust the corners and buff all scratches. Sweep the floor, vacuum carpets, and remove blotches from the windows using a glass cleaner.

It’s Time to Move Out 

You’re ready to pack and go. If you have a few things to carry, calling a mover may no longer be necessary. Otherwise, check out the moving companies in Charlotte NC and compare their fees. Organize your boxes and label each one. It will be easier to find out if any of your belongings are misplaced or lost. Put all valuables and important documents in one bag for security purposes.

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