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Sometimes staging a move isn’t as simple as loading everything in a truck and transporting it to its destination. Perhaps there’s a gap between when you must move out of your old place and when you can get the keys to your new home. Or, maybe you’re uncertain of how much you can fit in your new home, you’re indecisive about what all you want to take with you, or you’re looking to donate or sell items but haven’t had the chance. There’s no need to throw anything out in a panic. A secure storage unit can give you the time you need to make up your mind. We help you find storage through some of Charlotte’s best moving and storage companies. Many of these companies operate storage facilities or have on-site warehouse storage, making it easy to add storage to your moving services.

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Choosing the Right Storage Facility

There are some qualities you should look for when selecting a storage unit, whether your find storage through us or another platform:



The appearance of a storage unit can tell you a lot about the care and maintenance invested by its owners. Dirty or poorly maintained units suggest a company that doesn’t respect the needs of its customers, while filthy facilities provide a breeding ground for a wide variety of dangerous pests.



If you’re willing to pay to store away your belongings, chances are they at least have some value, if not just sentimental. The density of units in modern storage facilities makes them a natural target for thieves, and that’s why you should keep an eye out for features like security patrols, automated cameras, and access gates when you’re on the hunt for a storage unit.



A storage facility doesn’t do you much good if you must drive across town to reach it or schedule your visits around limited office hours. The location of the facility shouldn’t be your only priority but consider whether a less expensive or secure facility is worth a trip to a distant or unsavory neighborhood.



There’s usually a point where the price of storing an item costs more than the item itself. Before you decide on a storage facility, come up with an estimate of how much you’re willing to pay to hold on to the items you’re storing. Then take into consideration both the costs involved in moving and storing your belongings and the length of time you intend for them to sit in storage. This exercise will help you determine what to get rid of and what to keep.



Many storage companies offer a wide variety of options in terms of the size and features of the units available. There’s no reason to invest in a unit that doesn’t meet your needs, so be sure to discuss the options available with the property owner so you can make an educated decision about the right facility for you.



Climate-controlled units are designed to protect heat sensitive items, but they also serve the important purpose of regulating humidity. Sports equipment, paper products, and mattresses are all items that can potentially get ruined if they aren’t stored in a climate-controlled setting.

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Arranging Your Storage Unit

So, you’ve picked out a storage unit that’s perfect for your needs. That’s the easy part. Determining how to pack up your storage unit can feel like working through a complicated logic puzzle, but it doesn’t have to be confounding. Follow these tips to pack your unit more effectively and avoid unnecessary complications in the long term.


Accessibility Takes First Priority

After a costly or exhausting move, it may be tempting to just stuff your boxes and furniture into your unit haphazardly or invest in a space just large enough to fit what you own. Don’t make this mistake. If you’re willing to pay to store these items, you probably want to be able to reach them when you need them. Before you start moving anything in, plan to create a single aisle that cuts through the middle of the unit. A width of one to two feet should be sufficient.


You want everything you’re likely to need to be easily reached without having to stretch to your tiptoes or climb over boxes. Reserve the deeper layers of your unit for items intended for long-term storage. Using the spaces underneath and tops of furniture is an excellent way to make the most of your space. Make sure that furniture or other large items you might want to move isn’t so packed in that the whole space needs to be rearranged to transport it.


Use That Vertical Space

Most standard storage units are eight feet tall, and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make the most of every foot. Stack your boxes high so that you can take advantage of the unit’s volume. Remember that the taller your stacks are, the more important it is that you maintain structural integrity. Heavier boxes should occupy the bottom layers of these stacks to prevent them toppling over or crushing the items beneath them.


Don’t Skimp on Labels

There are few things more daunting than staring at rows and rows of nondescript boxes and knowing that only one of them holds the item you need right now. To prevent this scenario, label every box as clearly and specifically as possible so that you can easily hunt down what you need. Make sure to write in clear, legible letters. We recommend labeling boxes on multiple sides, so you can identify boxes clearly regardless of how they’re organized. If you’re particularly meticulous or dealing with dense materials like books or paperwork, you may want to consider numbering your boxes and linking them to an external inventory sheet. This will allow you to more quickly identify the right boxes and help you get the payout you deserve if the worst happens and you need to place a claim with your insurance agency.


For help with packing or stacking your storage unit, reach out to a moving company through Cheap Movers Charlotte. We’ll help you find the moving and storage services you’re looking for, for less!

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