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When you’re looking to relocate your office, timing is of critical importance. You may have set a free weekend aside to stage the move, but is that enough time to put all your infrastructure in place and to make sure your staff is ready to get back to the grind first thing Monday? Coordinating with a moving company is huge boon when you’re looking to move your office in Charlotte. Cheap Movers Charlotte partners with some of the best moving crews in the business. With the help of movers, you can minimize the time you spend on your relocation and ensure your employees have the resources they need with as little downtime as possible. Request a free moving quote for your business relocation now!

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Moving Services for Charlotte Businesses

Our network of commercial moving specialists knows what it takes to get the job done. You can count on them for all your business relocation needs, including:


Local Moves

Just because your new office is located within the same city doesn’t mean the task of moving everything is going to be a breeze. There are a lot of logistics to keep in mind with any corporate or commercial move. Ironing out those logistics only becomes more complicated the more complex your business is. Take advantage of the moving companies in our network, and you’ll get access to a competent crew of movers who are ready to help you work through all the details and facilitate a smooth and seamless relocation in Charlotte.


Long Distance Moves

There’s a lot to consider when you’re moving your business to a new state. Transporting your possessions and equipment to the new office is just the tip of the iceberg. When you hire a moving company through Cheap Movers Charlotte, you can focus on managing everything else while the professionals handle the packing, transport, and unpacking of your company’s physical assets. We only work with fully licensed and insured movers, so you ‘ll know that you’re covered even if the something doesn’t go as planned.



A storage facility is beneficial for commercial use for several reasons. It can serve as a place to hold supplies for a rainy day, help you piece together a move that takes place in phases, or function as a contingency plan if the moving process doesn’t line up the way you hoped. But all storage facilities aren’t created the same. We can help you find a provider that’s both secure and right-sized to meet the demands of your office.


Specialty Moves

We recognize that not all businesses have the same needs. If you’re in possession of specialized equipment that needs a delicate touch, we can provide you with the resources to track down a moving partner to fulfill your needs. Whether you’re moving a doctor’s office with sensitive medical equipment or a manufacturing facility with expensive machinery, we can find you a commercial moving company that’s up to the task.


Corporate Relocations

When you’re staging a move across state lines it is easy to lose track of one of your most valuables assets: your employees. With an experienced mover by your side, you can coordinate a plan of action that helps everyone on your staff get settled securely in their new homes while preventing any unnecessary stress or anxiety along the way. You can trust our carefully vetted relocation specialists to take your concerns into consideration.


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Planning the Perfect Office Move

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, a little planning can save a lot of headaches during the moving process. These tips can help you navigate your company’s relocation like a pro.


Start Early, But Pack Smart

We can help you find a commercial moving service that can handle the packing for you; but if you’re trying to handle the packing process yourself, you can never get started too early. Just make sure that all the decluttering and boxing up doesn’t get in the way of your business’ day-to-day affairs. You’ll want to make a detailed inventory of all the essential items that your employees need until you’re set up at your new office, so you won’t have to worry about them being ill-equipped to do their jobs. Coordinating with your department heads is essential here, as they’ll better understand the demands of their staff members.


Document Everything

Simply listing the name of rooms or categories of the items included in a box might work just fine for a residential move, but it’s not likely to be sufficient if you’re moving everything out of a massive office space. We suggest creating a numbered filing system for all your boxes. You’ll also want to key all the items in each box to a master inventory spreadsheet. This is another situation where maintaining close communications with your department heads or managers is of vital importance. While you’re documenting, keep records of all your moving expenses and any items donated as well, since these may allow you to minimize your company’s liability when it comes time to file your taxes.


Strong Communication is a Must

Even if you’re using Charlotte movers to facilitate your business relocation, you need to keep lines of communication open. Your crew may be pros, but it’s likely they won’t know the rules about moving into your new building or the specifics of your filing system. Put together a plan of action so that you can brief your team before they start and consider keeping at least one manager at each site during the move to oversee operations.


Make Time for Last Minute Preparations

If you want to run things as efficiently as possible, you’ll probably want your employees working through the entire day preceding the move. But that also means that you won’t be able to pack everything ahead of time. Make sure to set a couple of hours aside at the end of the work day, so your employees can set aside their personal possessions and you can take care of any packing that you weren’t able to do in advance.


Test Your Connections As Soon as Possible

Even if you have everything set up at your new office, it won’t do you much good if you don’t have the infrastructure in place. Bringing your IT team on-site a few days before the move will allow you to make sure everything is running smoothly and that your operations resume at your new site as soon as possible.


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